About EVEScout

EVEScout is an intelligence gathering tool for all the EVE Online players. It has it's use in PVP situations likewise in PVE. Even all the EVE Online miners can find some good use out of it. Mainly EVEScout has been targeted for a lowsec and a nullsec operations but it can serve also aid while evading troubles in a hisec.

How it works?

Once you enter in new a sector (or you notice that someone enters same sector you are in), you select whole local chat participant list. After copying that, you paste it into EVEScout front page. Submit and EVEScout starts fetching information of these players via various public API's. This information is then refined and most up-to-date information is shown you in clear list.

EVEScout doesn't automate anything else than fetching information from various API's. Final decisions and actions are still up to you. It also doesn't help you doing AFK Mining or run missions without paying attention to your surroundings. However it gives you fast overview wether newcomers are potential threath to you or not, based on their past behaviour.